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The architecture is usually viewed as a science or general studies and no saut to do with religion, was associated with verses of the Koran. As stated in the Quran Surah al-Naml, anthill was called to have the concept of memorable home stay. The anthill has an attractive residential concept as seen from the aspect of spatial and circulation, the concept carries the spirit of anthill hospitality that requires people to maintain a relationship with the environment and surrounding communities. This study sought to dig deeper in the Koran signaling associated with the architecture as inspired by ants to nest concept that takes into account not only aesthetic, but also ethical and health. By reviewing the verses of the Koran relating to the interpretation ilmi ant approach, this article examines the architecture of ant nests to be developed as a new alternative at the same time or make a selection in the design of residential houses in accordance with Islamic values.

Kata Kunci: Arsitektur, Sarang Semut, Rumah Islami


Arsitektur, Sarang Semut, Rumah Islami

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