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Zulkarnain tale that is one of story in Surat al-Kahfi is still debated its validity by scholars and commentators. In this article, the authors review the subject who is the figure of Zulkarnain that was told by al-Quran, through the interpretation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali. In particular, this paper will discuss the interpretation of Zulkarnain story by Abdullah Yusuf Ali in the book The Holy Quran: Text, Translation and Commentary. The results of this study explains that, according to Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the community needs comprehensive Zulkarnain story in the Quran is the information and spiritual sense, not theological debates and controversial history data. By paying attention to the findings and developments in science, Yusuf Ali states that Alexander the Great was Zulkarnain, based on the similarity of the three episodes of their journey along with expansions that he did, although in the case of conviction, essentially has not been proven yet.

Kata Kunci: Zulkarnain, tafsir puitis, takwil.


Zulkarnain, tafsir puitis, takwil.

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